Black Friday

Black Friday Sales

Do you want a deal on your next winter car? Do you want to be warm this winter and drive a great reliable vehicle that will take you from point A to point B without any problems? Step into Bell Auto’s Black Friday Sale! If you thought you had the best auto deals on your favorite cars, you are now going to see your financing maintain large. Black Friday sales are when companies give back to there customers by giving them offers and sales for there favorite products. This is our way of saying, we value you and we appreciate you as a customer.

Thankfully with Bell Auto we offer not only a large selection of inventory but a service department that provides the best body work and services to our customers vehicles. There is not only sales on vehicles but also on services for our customers to do. As winter is approaching and customer are rushing to put there winter tires on there vehicles we are give you the importunity to get all of  your services done on your vehicle for bellow average price. To add of the loyal Bell Auto customers that have been with our customer for years you have seen the expansion of our company and this is a plus for you. As a loyal member you all may have our vicinity rewards program where we give our customers deals on doing their vehicle services. Therefore you will be getting a double deal for your dollar. Thank you Bell Auto customers and we look forward to seeing you on the Black Friday Sale!  11/25/2016 at Bell Auto