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mechanic holding a car tire and smiling

How Do I Change A Flat Tire?

When you get your first car, you might be filled with excitement over having your own vehicle. However, it’s important to know how to fix or replace a few car parts. One part you should know how to replace is your tire. If you are stranded with a flat tire, it could be a while before help could arrive, so this is a good skill to know. So, how do you change a flat tire? Check out the video we shared below for an easy step-by-step tutorial on changing a tire!

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Mechanic inspecting underneath a vehicle

What are some of the best products for vehicles for spring cleaning purposes?

With the spring months approaching, now is the perfect time to dedicate some time to get your vehicle in tip-top shape for summer months. Here at Bell Auto, we enjoy helping our customers, so we did some of our own research to find out a few of the different top-tier cleaning supplies that you should use when doing spring cleaning for your vehicle. If you are interested in getting your vehicle checked out by a mechanic after you are done spring cleaning, you can contact Bell Auto here. 

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Side view of the 2018 Audi Q5 SUV

What pre-owned Audi models are available at Bell Auto Inc?

When it comes to wanting a new pre-owned vehicle, the team at Bell Auto Inc has a wide variety of inventory ready to go for you. One vehicle brand that they have quite a few models of is Audi models. They have a wide variety of Audi models, whether it be sedans, SUVs, and Coupe models, Bell Auto Inc has it. Let’s dive into more specifics below on these different vehicles.  

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Automotive oil getting poured into a car engine

Where can I get an oil change for my car in Toronto ON?

Oil changes are a vital part of vehicle maintenance. Along with lubricating the engine, oil changes help cool the engine components, remove dirt particles from the engine, improve the fuel economy, and increase the longevity of your car. Are you looking for a high-quality service center in Toronto to get an oil change for your car? You can count on us at Bell Auto to get the job done! Read the rest of this entry >>