The 2015 Midsize Sedan Segment Gives us Something to Look Forward To

With so many makes, models and trims to choose from, the midsize sedan segment can be a hard one to navigate. Thankfully, to make your quest for a new sedan an easier one, the team at Kelly Blue Book’s took the time to gather up their favorite cars amongst this growing segment:

While the Bell Auto Inc. showroom has yet to welcome these 2015 models, they certainly give us something to look forward to. Whether you’re in the market for a sedan that boasts exceptional fuel economy or an interior driven by modern technology, we certainly invite you to visit our showroom when these sedans make their debut in our showroom.

If you’re currently looking to hit the road with a midsize sedan, we encourage you to stop by Bell Auto Inc. showroom today. Boasting a wide variety of pre-owned vehicles, our showroom is sure to have a car that will perfectly suit your tastes and budget.

Watch this Student Challenge his Teacher to an All Out Drag Race

The thought of a drag race is exciting. Inching up to the starting line, slamming the car in to gear and just taking off. It’s a good way to get your adrenaline pumping. What if you could challenge a teacher to a drag race? Would you? Thankfully, this student did. In the video below, watch Derek, a high school student, challenge his auto shop teacher, Bill “Rosey” Rosenblum, to an epic drag race where winner takes all:


While Ford has yet to reveal who finished the race in first place, the Bell Auto team is certain that once that race began, it quickly became a nail biter among students and staff. And, let’s be honest, why wouldn’t it? Challenging a teacher is always a good time, especially if there’s a 2010 Ford Mustang hanging in the balance.

If you’re interested in hitting the roads with a track worthy performance car, invite you to visit the Bell Auto Inc. showroom. With an extensive inventory of exciting pre-owned vehicles, our team is confident that when it comes to finding a track worthy car, Bell Auto Inc. is where it’s at.