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Do You Know Everything About Oil Change Service?

Welcome to another Bell Auto blog post. We know how much you invest in your car to keep it safe and working. People might think one of the most common DIY car maintenance jobs is the oil change. But it might be hard for some of us to do it yourself. Before moving to our blog, you might get an appointment for our oil change service. 

An oil change will extend the life of your vehicle significantly and can help keep you and your car safe while on the road. Protect the life of your car by investing in a quality oil change service rather than a cheap oil change.

If you are confused about when is the right time to change, how often to change it, or the best oil for your car, we are here to help.

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1) What You Should Know About The Oil Change?

For this question, the answer is easy. Check your owner’s manual. Do not make any assumptions on past experiences or guidance from your mechanics. The reason is; the timing has evolved over the years.

Every car is different when it comes to oil changes. It is crucial to double-check your guidelines from the type of oil needed, quantity or blend. 

Do you know what happens if you put the wrong oil in your car?

It can lead to reduced lubrication and an overall shorter engine lifespan.

Do not forget that every engine has specific oil weights that should be used.

Oil weight varies by the make and model of your car. But do not worry about how you will know that because most modern vehicles have the weight printed on the oil fill cap under the hood.

2) How Often to Check Your Car’s Oil Level?

You always have to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels. You should check your oil level at least once a month.  

But please do not forget it whenever you conduct any time of work, it does not matter big or small, on your vehicle. If you have recently driven your car, it is essential to let it sit for 25-30 minutes to ensure the oil does not burn you.

Do you have the correct drain pan?

If you do not know what a drain pan is, we’ll explain it to you. A drain pan is a device that easily slides under your car to provide some measure of protection against a leak. These are easy to find at any vehicle store, and be sure that your oil can drain safely and securely. 

Do you have your dipstick for an oil change?

The dipstick is vital in your overall vehicle’s maintenance and oil changes. But some of the new vehicles have electronic oil monitors and do not have standard dipsticks for manual assessment.

Please ensure that your vehicle is parked on level ground when checking your car’s oil. 

If you have a dipstick, pull it out from the engine and wipe off any oil from its end. Then insert the dipstick back into its pipe and push it back in. It is time to pull it back out again and time quickly look at both sides of the dipstick to see where the oil is on end.

It easy to understand what is your oil level. Every dipstick has some way of indicating the oil level, whether it be the letters L and H, which stand for low and high, two pinholes, the words MIN and MAX.

If the top of the oil is between the two marks, the level is acceptable. But if the oil is below the minimum mark, you should add oil.

Also, oil colour is essential as well. It should seem brown or black. But if it has a light or milky appearance, this might be a problem. It might be a good idea to get your car to a mechanic for further diagnosis. 

3) Time to Change the Oil

Some mechanics swear by changing your oil every 3000 miles or every three-month rule. But many automakers have oil change intervals at 7500 or even 10000 miles and six or twelve months for time.

However, your car’s manual knows better. One of the most important things is not getting into oil changes too often.

What if you don’t drive too often?

The answer is still the same. You are changing your car’s oil not because you use it often. Because if you don’t drive your car a lot, you still have to keep your oil fresh. Changing your oil should still be twice a year, even you are not passing the 7500 miles in a year. 

If you think what we have explained above is too complicated for you, let our professional team handle it by scheduling an oil change service appointment from Bell Auto.