car with several sticker on rear window

How to Remove a Sticker from Your Car Window

If you’ve had your vehicle for a while, you may have found different ways to customize it and make it your own. We all make these changes at home, in our lives, and even in ourselves.

Sometimes this personification is made by our own will, and sometimes not by our own will, but by the compulsion of others. It is not a problem when this compulsion comes from your child or loved ones, and sometimes we have to accept this request from your workplace.

One popular method is to use window stickers with your favourite shows, movies, or an achievement celebration. As fun as these stickers are, they can be difficult to remove once they’ve faded or you’re no longer interested in the focal point.

Below we have shared a video along with a step-by-step blog post explaining how to easily remove a sticker from your car window.

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outdoor activities

What Are Some Outdoor Activities I Can Do in the Toronto, ON Area?

Now that the temperature has warmed up, many of us are looking for ways we can enjoy this lovely weather. Many of us are tending to our gardens or enjoying a good book on the front porch. However, many of us also want to enjoy the natural beauty of Toronto while basking in the warm weather. Below we have shared a list of different outdoor activities you can do in the Toronto, ON area. Check them out!

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person grabbing two handfuls of coffee beans out of burlap sack

Where Can I Get The Best Coffee in Toronto, ON?

Best Coffee Shops to Visit in Toronto, ON

There’s no better way to start your day than with a cup of joe. Whether you like your coffee hot or cold, it’s always exciting to find the best coffee shops to stop at before or after work. While the chain coffee stores are good, we like to show our support for local businesses as well. Check out our list of what we think are the best coffee shops to visit in Toronto, ON below!

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trade in my vehicle

Where Can I Trade in My Vehicle in Toronto, ON?

Are you looking to upgrade your current vehicle? Or are you looking to upgrade to a bigger vehicle like an SUV or minivan? If so, we have a large selection of pre-owned vehicles for you right here at Bell Auto Inc. In addition to offering a vast selection of used vehicles, Toronto, ON vehicle shoppers can trade in their old vehicle at Bell Auto Inc. Read on to learn about the benefits of trading in your old vehicle when buying a new one.

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