Add the Perfect Family Sedan to Your Growing Brood

Odds are, if the sound of pitter pattering toddler feet are in your near future, you’re on the prowl for a versatile and roomy family sedan that will accommodate your family’s needs without sacrificing your unique automotive tastes. Thankfully, when it comes to the sedan segment, there are some worthy and rather attractive contenders for Toronto’s growing families. Watch the video below to find out which family-minded sedans made AutoGuide’s Craig Cole’s short list:

Whether or not you got a laugh out of Craig Cole’s humorous ways, there’s no denying that AutoGuide’s shortlist includes some very desirable family sedans. While the Subaru Legacy would be a natural for Canadian winters with its renowned AWD, the shortlist winning Honda Accord would be just as good an option with its affordable price tag. Regardless, with this list, Cole provides the perfect starting point for family-minded shoppers.

If you’re on the search for a sedan that will perfectly compliment your growing brood, we encourage you to visit the Bell Auto Inc. showroom in Toronto, ON where you’ll find an extensive inventory of pre-owned that will make choosing your family’s perfect sedan an easy feat.

How to Properly Inflate Tires

Here at Bell Auto
we think it’s always a good time to check your tire pressure. You
don’t want your tires to be deflated, because that never leads to anything
good, and properly inflated tires keeps a vehicle healthy. So how do you check?
We have a video that shows you.

Thanks to the fine folks at Edmunds, the
instructional video demonstrates what you’ll need, and how to inflate, or take
air out of a tire, so you can do it all yourself, and be confident knowing that
you’re driving at the most optimal levels possible.

We encourage you to check it out and try for
yourself, and do so often because like we said, properly inflated tires goes a
long way. Safety first, you guys.

If you have any other questions, feel free to
contact us here in our Toronto, ON showroom, where we’d be
happy to discuss all our used car
options with you.