At What Mileage Should I Consider Buying a Used Car?

At What Mileage Should I Consider Buying a Used Car?

When shopping for a used car, there are many things that you need to consider. You need to consider price, age, any previous damage, and mileage. However, if this is your first time buying a used car, you might not know what is considered good mileage. Well, your friends at Bell Auto Inc. are here to help! We pride ourselves on providing all the car shopping help and advice that you need. So, keep on reading to learn at what mileage you should consider buying a used car!

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What is the best mileage range to focus on when shopping used car?

gauge display of odometer showing 235,977 kilometers

Let’s start out by talking about the average mileage that a Canadian puts on their car every year. Typically, you can put on 20,000 kilometres per year with room for 10,000 kilometres in either direction. This can help you figure out if a vehicle was driven more than average, at an average amount, or lower than average. For example, if a vehicle is was manufactured in 2016 and you are buying it in 2021, then around 100,000 kilometres is considered a good mileage for a five-year-old vehicle.

However, you might not always want to do math problems when shopping for your used vehicle. There is a point where a vehicle has too many kilometres on it in two different ways. If a vehicle that was driven for five years has around 60,000 kilometres but wasn’t regularly maintained by the previous owner, you should avoid it. While it may seem like higher mileage on a used vehicle is risky, if it was regularly maintained, it could still be a worthy purchase. However, make sure you find out if that mileage is mostly from the highway or city. If it is mainly city mileage, there may be some parts that are worn down.

If you can find a vehicle that has low mileage and was well maintained by the previous owner, then you have found a winner! Low mileage vehicles require less maintenance, they have a higher resale value, and they depreciate less than new vehicles which in turn can save you money.

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Now that you know what mileage to shoot for when shopping for a used car, make sure you use our mileage slider when browsing the Bell Auto Inc. online inventory! However, if you still need some help with your used car shopping, make sure you keep following our blog. We enjoy sharing our knowledge with our customers to ensure they have a smooth shopping process!