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Where Can I Update My Book Collection in Toronto?

Best Bookstores to Shop at in Toronto, ON to Update Your Book Collection

Over the past year, we’ve all found different ways to spend our time in quarantine. However, one common activity is reading. If you’ve read through your entire collection, you’re probably looking for some new titles to put on your shelf. Below, we have shared some of the best bookstores to shop at in Toronto, ON. Check them out and get started on growing your book collection.

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A Novel Spot Bookshop

Location: 270 The Kingsway, Etobicoke Toronto, ON


If you like to feel cozy while shopping for new books, this is the place to go. A Novel Spot Bookshop is decorated with vintage décor and ceiling-to-floor windows. Located in the Humbertown Shopping Centre, this little shop often hosts author visits, a book club, and a frequent buyer program. Between its events and diverse book collection, this shop has become a popular community hub.

person reading books while enjoying coffee

TYPE Books

Location: 883 Queen Street West, Old Toronto Toronto, ON


Are you a fan of the indie scene? If so, TYPE is the perfect bookstore for you. This bookstore has a large collection of contemporary fiction, art and design books, magazines, and small-press publications. TYPE hosts launches, readings, and school book fairs. They also encourage reading for children through their non-profit literacy program. You will also find a small gallery that showcases local artists.

book on table with pages spread open

Another Story Book Shop

Location: 315 Roncesvalles Avenue, Old Toronto Toronto, ON

Another indie bookstore, this shop focuses on grassroots social justice, equity, and diversity. The selection at Another Story includes activism-centered books for teens, children, and adults. You can also find gifts and magazines here. The shop focuses on filling its book collection with First Nation titles, feminist books, environmental books, and publications for alternative families.  

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