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What are the Signs of a Failing Car Battery?

How to tell if your car battery is failing 

Unexpected things will happen to your vehicle. Knowing what is happening and how you can potentially fix the problem is essential. We have compiled some signs your car battery is failing and what you should do if this happens to you. 

Here are the most common signs your car battery is failing: 

  • Clicking sound when you try to start your vehicle 
  • Your headlights are dim 
  • You have to use your gas pedal when you start your vehicle (push to start vehicles are an outlier) 
  • Backfiring 
  • Bad smell 

What should I do if my battery is failing? 

Before you completely jump to conclusions, check on your battery. You may need to just clean off the battery terminals if there is bad corrosion. Another thing you should do is check to see your battery is fully connected. If your vehicle is having trouble starting, you may need to jump-start the battery. Once you have looked over everything, jumpstart your vehicle. Once you have your vehicle up and running, drive over to a service center to see if there are any other issues.  

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Need your battery replaced? 

Bell Auto has a service center at its dealership location. The technicians can check out your battery to see if there is anything wrong and can replace it for you. Other services we provide include electrical service, vehicle checkups, tire balance and front end alignments.  

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Have your vehicle serviced at Bell Auto 

If you need your vehicle service, schedule an appointment at Bell Auto. We have top-notch service staff to get your vehicle up and running as soon as possible. 

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