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How can I save money when I rent a car? 

Anyone who has rented a car will tell you that it was a pretty convenient way to get around town. They might also tell you that it was a bit of a pain and kind of expensive. That’s what we are here to help with. Keep reading to learn a few simple ways you can save money when you rent a car.

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3 ways to save when you rent a car 

Go with something economical 

If saving money is your primary goal, your intuition should tell you to pick a car that is good on gas. A compact, efficient car is usually going to be your most affordable option. Yes, you still need to pay for gas when you rent a car, so pick out something that is highly efficient. That is why economical option is the one of the bullet points when it comes to rent a car. 

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Don’t get fancy add-ons 

There’s no need for a vehicle with high-tech features and state-of-the-art technology if you’re only going to have it for a few days. Sure, it’s awesome to have cool features, but you’re reading this because you’re interested in saving money so we’re telling you to avoid them when possible. A safe, sturdy, has-all-the-basics car will suffice and save you some cash. 

Avoid the airport man handing other man keys

Many rental agencies set up shop at airports because they’re extra convenient for customers. It’s super easy to get off your flight and pick up your rental car right away. Well, that ease comes at a cost. Rental dealers based at the airport often charge up to 20% more than at other locations. If you can find your way to a different rental car store, you will save a little bit of money. 

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