Add the Perfect Family Sedan to Your Growing Brood

Odds are, if the sound of pitter pattering toddler feet are in your near future, you’re on the prowl for a versatile and roomy family sedan that will accommodate your family’s needs without sacrificing your unique automotive tastes. Thankfully, when it comes to the sedan segment, there are some worthy and rather attractive contenders for Toronto’s growing families. Watch the video below to find out which family-minded sedans made AutoGuide’s Craig Cole’s short list:

Whether or not you got a laugh out of Craig Cole’s humorous ways, there’s no denying that AutoGuide’s shortlist includes some very desirable family sedans. While the Subaru Legacy would be a natural for Canadian winters with its renowned AWD, the shortlist winning Honda Accord would be just as good an option with its affordable price tag. Regardless, with this list, Cole provides the perfect starting point for family-minded shoppers.

If you’re on the search for a sedan that will perfectly compliment your growing brood, we encourage you to visit the Bell Auto Inc. showroom in Toronto, ON where you’ll find an extensive inventory of pre-owned that will make choosing your family’s perfect sedan an easy feat.

How to Properly Inflate Tires

Here at Bell Auto
we think it’s always a good time to check your tire pressure. You
don’t want your tires to be deflated, because that never leads to anything
good, and properly inflated tires keeps a vehicle healthy. So how do you check?
We have a video that shows you.

Thanks to the fine folks at Edmunds, the
instructional video demonstrates what you’ll need, and how to inflate, or take
air out of a tire, so you can do it all yourself, and be confident knowing that
you’re driving at the most optimal levels possible.

We encourage you to check it out and try for
yourself, and do so often because like we said, properly inflated tires goes a
long way. Safety first, you guys.

If you have any other questions, feel free to
contact us here in our Toronto, ON showroom, where we’d be
happy to discuss all our used car
options with you.

How to find a sweet deal in the bargain inventory

If you’re dedicated
to the cause of getting the absolute best deal on a used car in the Toronto,
area, well … it makes sense why you ended up on our website. Here
at Bell Auto Inc., not only do we stock over a hundred
pre-owned vehicles, we also have an expansive bargain
for those drivers buying on a tight budget. But
when you’re investing in a vehicle under $10k, how do you know if you’re
getting a great deal or just overpaying for a lemon?

Firstly, we don’t
just let any old vehicle motor its way into our inventory. We’re very selective
when it comes to the used cars we sell to our Toronto neighbors. Next,
Consumer Reports has compiled a list of what they’ve
determined to be the 10 best used cars under $10,000, and they’re created a
quick video to spread the word. Gems like the Acura
, Acura
and Hyundai
made the list, and admittedly those are some of our
favorites, too. Of course, prices are based on age, mileage, condition, etc. so
keep that in mind when you’re shopping for the used versions of these

Feel free to see what
all the fuss is about over these high-quality, low-priced cars and swing by our
showroom for a test drive. And as for the 10 -Best list, you can get the whole
roster of all-stars from the video below:

What You Did Not Know About Financing!

Most people believe everything is based on having a Great Credit Score. As a matter of fact, having a Good Credit score does not mean your past Credit history is Great. Or that your income will be generated to help your credit. Others believe that if they have No past Credit usage, they would have good Credit. Yes, you do not have any hits or inquires on your credit at the moment, however it does not mean that your Credit Score will be high. However it does mean that you will have an easier finaincing process, when trying to get an Approval. If you are in the state of looking for financing but do not know if you have the right credit score for an Approval or maybe you have fare credit but do not know if you have the right score for an approval? In the past history of financing, it use to be that having a bad credit score was one of the major obstacles in getting a car loan. It can be a real challenge to get a reasonable approval to match your daily Financial Needs. – *Sb Bell Auto Inc.*

2009 Infiniti models still receiving praise as a Consumer Reports best buy for 2015

There are a lot of different reasons why people
choose to buy a used car, but it’s never because they want to be overwhelmed by
a seemingly infinite amount of choices. We here at Bell Auto
know that it can sometimes feel like a fruitless task to try to
find the very best preowned vehicle for the price and
performance, but thanks to the knowledgeable and personable staff here at our
Toronto, ON used car dealership, as well as the research
provided by such industry experts as those from Consumer
, shopping for the precise vehicle to suit both you and your
wallet’s needs is easier than ever.

In fact, Consumer Reports has
recently compiled a list of the best used cars for 2015, and lucky for our
customers, our inventory touches an plenty of the brands mentioned. We have a
generous selection of used
vehicles — a two-time winner on this list — for
you to browse and test drive. The experts mention the 2007 Infiniti
as well as the 2009 Infiniti M.

Find out who else made in the cut in the brief
video below, and then feel free to comb our current inventory for the best and
brightest, here at Bell Auto Inc.:

Happy Belated Women’s Day, with a Story of Bertha Benz

You may already know that Mercedes-Benz is one of the oldest auto manufacturers in the world. Karl Benz held the first patent on a gasoline powered automobile.

But did you know that none of this would have been possible without his wife, Bertha?

International Women’s Day is celebrated in countries around the world. Celebrations may take a more political tone, bringing attention to women’s equality, or they may simply be about showing love and respect toward women, much like Mother’s Day. It was on March 8th, so we’re sorry to have missed it!

Still, we couldn’t resist taking this time to share the story of the most inspiring woman in auto industry history.

Bertha daringly took a prototype vehicle that had never been driven more than a few feet, and rode it 65 miles, spreading publicity for her husband’s invention, and making repairs along the way. Bertha was a mechanic, a businesswoman, and a loving mother and wife.

From all of us at Bell Auto, happy Women’s Day!