Vicinity Reward Program

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Bell Auto Inc., has found a new dynamic way of giving back to all of their clients new and old, with this new 2016 Vicinity Rewards Program. Spending money on vehicle services and car maintenance are very expensive! If you are spending the money, why not save some money. 
What is Vicinity? 
Vicinity is a division of Rogers communications which allows customers, to receive the benefits of being recognized as valued customers and rewarded for shopping at their neighbourhood stores

How does it work?
Every time you come to Bell Auto, you simply hand your card to the receptionist, present sales representative or service manager. They will give you point on your service, allowing you to be earning rewards. Infused with top security for just bell auto, the vicinity system is programmed to work even if you forget your card just provide your phone number and you will be receiving points. 

How will I know if I have earned a reward? 
You will be notified in one of the following three ways:
  1. In person: The sales representative, service manager or receptionist will inform you that you have a reward available on your next visit.  
  2. Text: You will receive a text message, if your register by your mobile device.
  3. Email: If your card was registered with a valid email online, you will receive an email. 

Lost your Card? 
If you lost your Bell Auto Vicinity Card you can go to any Vicinity location and register it, with the phone number you provided on your previous Vicinity Card. 

Can you used you card at other Locations?
Your Vicinity card is universal, it can be used at all partnering businesses. 

Will your Points Expire? 
No, your points will stay on your vicinity account for as long as Bell Auto continues the program. All of your points and rewards will be on your vicinity account as long as you choose to redeem them.  

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